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What if discovering wine did not always mean the traditional wine merchant?
Bringing us close to you rather than waiting for you to visit us is what makes us different and allows us to release the true emotions of wine.
This is why trusting KYRRO on the whole range is a more satisfactory alternative than continuing to buy your wine in the usual way.

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Pushing boundaries and breaking the status quo is what drives us at KYRRO.

That's why we were tired of food trucks. We decided to change that. We created the ŒNOBUS by KYRRO .
The first wine bar in a coach. And the best? You can really sit inside.

ŒNOBUS: a traveling wine bar

The ŒNOBUS is the result of a dream: to be able to discover exceptional wines by pushing back the limits of the walls while offering the comfort of a quality wine bar. We go where the mood takes us; because now all roads lead to KYRRO.

Emotions. Still.

We push the door. A bewitching warmth creeps in and swirls around us. The first musical notes sound in the ears. People already present laugh, discover, share, love, welcome. The "pouc" of an uncorked bottle sounds and here we are already seated, tasting a marvelous glass of wine which makes us travel to the vibrations of the explanations and the drops which seize our palate. No doubt, we are in the ŒNOBUS.


We believe that everyone should be able to discover what they want. This is why our selection in the Œnobus is created especially for you. Thus, on the day of your event, you will find the pleasures that really make you vibrate. Whether it's your own wines that you bring, a glass of Dom Pérignon, an orange wine from Geneva, a few Pinot Noirs from Neuchâtel, or even a selection of the greatest vintages in the world, we have the answer to your needs.

Jeune Femme Saisissant Son Verre dans un Restaurant KYRRO Vins Shop En Ligne
Push the door of your desires.

Any change happens gradually, starting with small goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to switch to an exceptional alternative for your events, an individual who is thirsty for new extraordinary experiences, or whether you have already taken the step, KYRRO is by your side.

Whether it's for an intimate moment, a walk like you've never done before, or a real exclusive party, we have the solution for you.


ŒNOBUS was created by KYRRO for you. All our services start from our basic offer which we then adapt to your needs to create a unique experience of all kinds.

Because you have other things to think about than the details of your event, our exclusive service takes care of all the organization, whether it is for catering, DJ, wine, or any other request you may have. could have. Together we will create the never seen before.

It's time to live

Now that you've got your fill of ideas, you're only three steps away from creating your experience. For this, contact us giving us the most information about your event, we will examine a spectrum of possibilities to send you a proposal, and finally we discuss together the last details for a tailor-made moment.

The beginning of a unique moment