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Cédric Delacquis - NOCTUA 2018

Cédric Delacquis - NOCTUA 2018

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Switzerland, Geneva

Original red wine blend of Gamay and Cabernet Franc aged in stainless steel vats. The union of these two wines reveals a complexity of aromas of strawberry, red fruits, peppery and spicy notes. On the palate, the lightness and finesse of the tannins contribute to the simplicity of a delicious wine.

Production limited to 1,600 bottles.


At the twilight of a harvest, a decision is made to pay homage to the time that inevitably passes away. Initiatory journey in pursuit of ataraxia, tranquility of the soul; pursuit evolving into a duty to transmit simple pleasures. Sincerity in the face of natural phenomena. Fascination for the act of transformation, perpetual metamorphosis of the living. Where does the substance stop? Where does the experience begin? Celebrating the vine through its alterations; decode its mysteries. From a millennial tradition, to draw the right gesture, the beautiful gesture.


Touch the vineyards of French-speaking Switzerland with your palms, map the native grape varieties; in search of the specific characteristics of our little-known terroirs. To become a geologist, to become a historian, to become an alchemist - the time of a deliberately slowed down process to cut the wine gems that will make up each of the creations. Do not upset the natural cycle, let the grapes sublimate themselves to the ascetic rhythm of the lunar phases. Experiment, stray, start over. Tirelessly. Refuse filters and artifice. Convert the ardor of the creator into a fragile balance; exaltation of centuries-old craftsmanship paired with contemporary sensibility.


Expression of a Geneva goldsmith, each assembly seeks to tell through its body, its reflection, its complex colors, its anecdotes. Willingly audacious, these iconoclastic incarnations, harvested by hand, seduce by the amplitude of their range. Where the aromas, chiseled by the natural decantation, lull the sensations, it is a question of surprising - without whims - and of offering an ephemeral plenitude. From bottles filled with voluptuousness, we will detect the maze of time, the labor of man.

Domaine de Vaudijon - Pinot Noir AOC 2018

Domaine de Vaudijon - Pinot Noir AOC 2018

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Switzerland, Neuchâtel

Gold medal at the Mondial des Pinots 2021

It has now been several years since Laurent Lozano, an immensely generous enthusiast, took over the Vaudijon estate. This majestic building, located on an exceptional terroir, had not produced wine for more than a century. As soon as he arrived, Laurent undertook a titanic task and made the whole estate organic and biodynamic. The transition is now complete and nature has now become accustomed to being cultivated and no longer exploited.

And then Laurent does not allow himself to be influenced by the effects of fashion or consumption. On its plots, you will only find Chasselas, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A purist, who works in harmony with his terroir. And it shows in the glass!

This Pinot Noir offers us magnificent aromas of cherry, Morello cherry and flowers. It comes, without fear, to play shoulders with the greatest Pinots of the region (even from overseas) with its lively mouth with spicy notes and dense tannins. Its generous and delicate finish leaves an unforgettable memory, which can be further accentuated by decanting it beforehand.

I could talk for hours about this estate and its owner-oenologist as they marked me in the depths of my emotions. And it's the same thing that transpired when I had this wine tasted by friends who knew neither the estate nor the character... Like what, everything is felt in the bottle.