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CHANDON Garden Spritz

CHANDON Garden Spritz

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The story of CHANDON began with the singular desire to celebrate the diversity of wine-growing regions around the world. They planted their first vine in Argentina in 1959. It was here that they had the idea of ​​creating Chandon Garden Spritz. This spritz is made from their Argentinian Chandon Brut, voted best wine in its category in 2020 at the CSWWC (Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships), it is then blended with their macerate of natural extracts of locally sourced orange peel. and spiced up with their secret blend of herbs and spices.

Without synthetic aroma, without artificial coloring.

Sophisticated yet authentic. Simple but intriguing. It's nothing but naturally delicious. The Garden Spritz takes exceptional sparkling wine and adds a unique twist to it: their very own bitter orange liqueur, handcrafted with locally sourced oranges, herbs and spices.

Here's why the Garden Spritz is so unique. Here's why you're unique with a glass of Garden Spritz in your hand.

KYRRO Vins le futur du vin ecommerce caviste en ligne et oenotheque mobile Bouteille de Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut

BOLLINGER - Special Cuvée - Brut

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France, Champagne, Ay

Educate, prune, resize.
These small corded bushes with red leaves in the fall. These clusters of pinot noir not white, chardonnay, pinot meunier, cliff chalk work put to dry at the exit of the ocean. Passage ironing re-tinning of the same sun a hundred million years
Finally finally, we are getting closer to the eighteenth century!
Mozart, Bach, Voltaire, Diderot etc...
My light! My aerials! Champagne! Champagne!
I raise my glass towards the sun, my solar glass. The ascent to Heaven ascends me to Heaven with the irrepressible breathing of the ages, a wanderer of the air.
Yes the light you have to drink it! You have to believe her! You have to love the conversion that she accomplishes with eyes and mouth in the order of time.
Champagne hat! We're messing around! We lose our heads, royally at Aÿ. Let creation create! Long live chalk! Long live chalk-action!

Through the finesse of its bubbles, its seductive aromas and its lingering finish, the Special Cuvée reveals Bollinger at its best. On the nose and on the palate, the Special Cuvée is distinguished by very complex and well-blended aromas. To the floral notes are added scents of fruits and berries completed by a touch of aromas of brioche. A superb and very sustained finish sums up all these elements in a masterful final tableau. The Special Cuvée is the most accomplished expression of the “BOLLINGER style”. All the know-how of the House is revealed in its ability to recreate each year a consistent blend in style and quality, to recompose this bouquet of aromas, this unique blend of body, balance, vinosity and finesse. It is therefore on this wine that the House bases its difference, commits its qualitative choices and intends to be judged.


Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir


The first fermentation of the wines takes place in vats or in oak barrels


Stone fruit, berries, floral, yeast, brioche


Aperitif, freshwater fish, veal, terrines, dessert


2-4 years




08 to 10°C

The House

Since 1829, the Bollinger Champagne House has been creating champagnes of prestigious character, which are distinguished by their elegance and complexity. These exceptional wines are the result of rigorous attention to detail, because Bollinger accepts nothing less than excellence. Each detail represents the quest for a certain form of perfection. This spirit of uncompromising independence, dedicated to accomplishment without ostentation, exemplifies the inimitable elegance for which Champagne is renowned and which so impressed the Court of England that the House has been awarded the Royal Warrant since 1884.


The 178 hectares of the House are planted at 85% in Grand Cru and Premier Cru, spread over seven main vineyards: Aÿ, Avenay, Valeurières, Louvois and Verzenay are planted in Pinot Noir, Cuis in Chardonnay and Champvoisy in Pinot Meunier. Bollinger is one of the few champagne houses to produce the majority of its own grapes for its blends. Pinot Noir represents 60% of the House's vineyard, which corresponds exactly to the proportion of this demanding variety in the Special Cuvée blend. Complex and powerful, it gives Bollinger wines a remarkable structure.

Another peculiarity of Bollinger: two plots, Clos Saint-Jacques and Chaudes Terres, which have never succumbed to phylloxera, a disease which ravaged almost all of the Champagne vineyards at the beginning of the 20th century. These non-grafted vines are entirely worked by hand and reproduced according to a mode of stratification called provignage, thus making it possible to preserve this extraordinary heritage from which the very exclusive cuvée Vieilles Vignes Françaises is produced.


(may contain sulphites, eggs, milk, fish)

Red and white wine usually contain sulphites, but there are sulphur-free wines available. Many wines use eggs, milk or fish at the fining stage of production. The ingredient list will not include these allergens because even though the wine has come into contact with these ingredients, they are removed from the final product.

Laurent-Perrier - Grand Siècle Cuvée No 23

Laurent-Perrier - Grand Siècle Cuvée No 23

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The vintage in Champagne is generally considered synonymous with excellence for Prestige Cuvées. Conversely, at Laurent-Perrier, our belief is that the art of blending can allow us to create what nature will never give us: the perfect year.
The expression of the perfect year is that of a great Champagne wine that has developed a deep intensity and aromatic complexity, while managing to preserve its freshness and acidity over time. On this idea Grand Siècle was born in 1959. To create this wine, Laurent-Perrier will rely on the characteristics of the great vintage years of Champagne: freshness, structure, finesse.
Grand Siècle blending is based on 3 principles that are now immutable.
  • Blend of a selection of 3 exceptional years chosen for their complementarity.
  • Blend carried by a majority of Chardonnay supplemented with Pinot Noir and selected from 11 Grands Crus out of the only 17 existing in Champagne.
  • Blend benefiting from prolonged aging in cellars for more than 10 years.