Looking For A Wine Like Tariquet?

À La Recherche d'Un Vin Comme Le Tariquet ?

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- Hey! John! You who are a sommelier, do you know this white wine? You know, he's from France, Ta... something?

- Tariquet?

- Yeah ! Exactly ! You know ? It's so good, don't you have something like that?

I no longer count the times I had this conversation... So I decided to devote an article to it. And thanks to that you will be able to discover a wine like Tariquet but even more incredible.

However, first of all, let's re-situate: Le Tariquet is not a wine but an estate, located in the Côtes-de-Gascogne, in France. In general, when people talk about this wine, they are referring to the "Classic" white wine of the said estate.

So what is this Tariquet?

Made from Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Sauvignon and Gros Manseng, typical grape varieties of the Côtes-de-Gascogne region, which give fruity and fragrant aromas.

A refreshing wine (it is also recommended on their site to drink it very cold, but remember our article on serving temperature... ) at an excessively low price.

An excessively low price?

Offered on average around CHF 8.00, that's very low.

Imagine, already almost CHF 1.00 is needed for the price of the glass bottle. Add to that transport, import taxes, sales taxes, the margin of the importer, that of the reseller, that does not leave much money to producers...

I also put here this little 3-minute report produced by Minute MOF (MOF being the acronym for Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

Land speculation aside, we understand very well here that it is difficult (if not impossible) to offer such cheap wines that have a real chain of quality and ecological responsibility (and how could we do so by producing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of bottles per year).

Alright, what do you suggest?

It will be understood, this famous "Tariquet", it is the wine for an aperitif without fuss and without breaking the bank.

The analysis of this wine leads us to the following conclusion:

We need to find these refreshing aromas , a little fruity (yes, a little, because for us it's too marked fruit and candy and it lacks class) which are assembled with slightly mineral notes given the typicality of the terroir of the Côtes-de-Gascogne region in the South-West.

What we would also like is something slightly dry (i.e. not too sweet) with some exotic notes .

All this, ideally, without having to sell a kidney to afford a bottle.

Do you have any? I do not have !

It is by dint of travels and tastings that we have found the rare pearl...

Absolute perfection for an aperitif.

A must at the table too, with seafood, fish, sushi, vegetables, Asian cuisine.

I named: Bellmunt Blanco 2018 from the Mas d'En Gil estate

Located in the splendid region of Priorat, in Spain, Mas d'En Gil is an exceptional estate, in which Marta Rovira - owner and winemaker - cultivates the love of her land with the greatest ecological respect.

With the help of its oenologist, they develop memorable wines suitable for every occasion. Here, they have created a bomb for the aperitif, enough to make you forget Tariquet...

The nose reveals exciting aromas with notes of fruit (orange, apricot, peach), scents of rose and orange blossom, but also mineral notes (slate). A nuance of balsamic aromas brings an unexpected final touch. On the palate, the interaction between the fresh fruit and the blooming texture seduces from the start and develops into the long, linear and elegant finish with its acidity mastered to perfection.

And here is the sumptuous estate of Mas d'En Gil. We are a long way from the industrialized wine chains at €5...

So that's enough to make you forget the Tariquet, with this wine like a Tariquet, but much better...

We look forward to hearing your opinion on this divine beverage!

See you soon,

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