Wine Against COVID-19?

Le Vin Contre Le COVID-19 ?

Rumors have been circulating for some time (well it's more than rumors since there have even been reports on TV) that drinking wine would help fight against the "infamous" COVID-19...

So info or intox? Should we rather order a good bottle of Mas d'en Gil Coma Vella 2014 or the latest Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Originally, it was Taiwanese doctor Mien-Chie Hung who assured on television that drinking wine would have a beneficial effect against COVID-19. His study is based on the effects of tannic acids, present in wine, on SARS-CoV-2.

After tests carried out in-vitro, Mylène Ogliastro, of the French society of virology, comes to the conclusion that the statements of doctor Mien-Chie Hung are clearly capilo-tracted (although I am not sure that she used this word).

Indeed, it would take the equivalent of 10 bottles of wine to reproduce the effect observed by the Taiwanese doctor. He himself also recognizes that studies on humans should be carried out to confirm his hypothesis.*

Not enough to rob the wine shops then?

Who knows, if this continues, maybe one day the authorities will ask us to lock ourselves up in an atomic shelter... And in that case it's better to have your wine supply.

Besides, I can't resist the urge to put you the trailer for this film with Will Smith which takes place in... 2021!

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Health !

* Source: Franceinfo

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