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The time has come. You have prepared a great meal, your cellar is full of excellent bottles (certainly ordered from KYRRO Vins), and your guests will be arriving soon. And that's the stress! What am I going to be able to open? Will it be really tip-top with what I have planned?

Do not panic ! This article is here for you.

Here is what you will be able to discover:

  • The basics
  • Tinder Match
  • Champion Red Card
  • Some Chord Types
  • Order of Tasting
  • Fun Fact


First and foremost, I find it extremely important to know your audience.

Because, after having read this entire article and having come to the conclusion that the perfect match with what you have planned would be this magnificent Château d'Yquem 2009 , you are happy to serve this wine to your guests ( happy with your excellent mastery of chords)...

and it's a downfall.

Nobody around the table likes sweet wines... It is therefore very important to start by identifying the tastes of your guests.

Then, you have to think about the number of dishes you have planned. Will it be a different wine per dish or the same throughout the meal?

And the weather?

Yes, the weather has a great importance on the choice of wine.

Just as we do not necessarily want to drink a large cold tea full of ice cubes on a stormy evening when the rain and the cold are raging, we will not necessarily appreciate a very cold rosé for an aperitif, but we would choose more gladly a gourmet white for this moment (like for example the incredible Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine 2018 ).

Finally, everything has to be taken into account. The nature of the product (red, white meat, fish, etc.), the textures (melting, fatty, liquid, etc.), the cooking or cold processing (grilled, raw, smoked, etc.), as well than the intensity of flavors.


So, now that we know the basics, let's see which wine characteristics would "swipe" right for a perfect match with our friends in the kitchen.

Acid / Mineral = Acid / Saline

Tannins = Smoothness / Fat of the dish

Alcohol = Crispy / Crunchy

Aromatic = Herbs / Spices

Sugar = Sweetness / Salt

Ample and Rich = Fat of the dish / Acidity


It's fine to always see the positive, but let's also see those who are not friends at all!

Acid / Mineral Sugar

Tannins Lean, salty, spicy dish

Alcohol Spicy

Aromatic Too much or too little aromatic dish

Sugar ≠ Acid

Vin Gras ≠ Dish Fat


There are several types of agreements and it is exciting to try them all, to see what we like the most...

Agreements of similarities

Here, we will try to get closer to the aromas of the dish, in the wine. We therefore gladly put a sweet wine with slightly exotic flavors with a dessert that will have these characteristics.

contrast chords

For this agreement we will look for an opposite. For example, sweeten a spicy dish with the sugar of wine.

Regional agreements

Let's take the famous Burgundy snails as a dish, for example. In this case, we will associate it with this surprising Pouilly-Fuissé from the south of the Maconnais whose finish is persistent. Regional agreements almost always work very well.

color chords

This one is funny. In this case, we will associate the dominant color of the dish with the color of the wine. For example, we will serve an orange wine with a cream of butternut squash. Guaranteed effect!


In general, white wines are served before red wines. Unless you decide to make the wise choice of serving a white wine with cheeses (ever tried a blue or goat cheese with a Sauternes ?).

Then, we will start with wines aged in vats before those aged in barrels.

Then comes the turn of the vintage. We make upside down rules of politeness; from the youngest to the oldest.

From driest to sweetest.

From the one who is limited in alcohol to the richest.

And from the simplest to the finest.

But above all. The most important rule :

The wine that arrives should never make us regret the previous one.


Beyond 70 decibels, you no longer feel the aromas, only the flavors.
Find out more about tasting here


A food & wine pairing is sensitivity, it takes work, you have to try, dare, make mistakes, try again, succeed.

Here you are now in possession of many resources to create incredible moments. And then, above all, don't forget: The important thing is pleasure!

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